Training Prices

It is relatively easy to cost 32 or 45 hours aircraft hire and instructor time and add the cost of CAA examinations. These times are the minimum hours instruction required for a student, but the over-riding requirement is that certain skill levels have been achieved in that time.

Whether a student pilot is able to achieve those skill levels in these times depends on many factors including aptitude, application and the frequency of training sessions. In addition to personal ability and commitment, the way in which each student undertakes the course is particularly important. Anyone learning a new skill, whatever it may be, will forget some of every lesson before the next. The longer the interval between training sessions, the more will be forgotten and the longer it will take to acquire the necessary skill level.

At Perranporth Flying School we therefore recommend that students plan to complete their flying training course within a specific period and budget to do so. This will save money in the long term and provide more satisfaction for the student.

Ground study can be undertaken at home from a selection of very well written training manuals available from the school. Many aspiring pilots manage to do all their theoretical training by self-study, with instructors providing any clarification during pre-flight and post-flight briefing.

Our instructors can provide ground lectures when required.

Flight Training

Dual PA28 – £225 per hour inc. VAT

Private Hire

Solo PA28 – £162 per hour inc. VAT

Ground School

Group tuition £10 per head per hour

Individual tuition £30 per hour

Examinations £20

RT examination £50

Additional Costs

Membership of the flying school

All course study material and pilots personal log book.

The skills test (PPL) £125

The skills test (NPPL) £65

GFT (NPPL) £65

Aircraft hire for flight tests with examiner at solo rates

Aviation medical examination (required before first solo flight)

Ground school lectures on specific subjects other than pre-flight briefings or de-briefings.