Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

The LAPL is aimed at recreational pilots who wish to fly within the UK during the daytime. It has a lower minimum hours requirement than the EASA PPL and is therefore cheaper to attain.

You will need a DVLA Group 2 medical examination (same level as an HGV driver). This can be completed by your own GP rather than by a specialist Aviation Medical Examiner.

You cannot add ratings such as night, instrument or twin engine, but you can credit 30 hours of your training time towards an EASA PPL if you wish to move on to that later.

LAPL in detail;

Allows UK recreational flying, by day, to visual flight rules

Can carry up to 3 passengers in a single engine aircraft up to 2000kgs maximum all up weight

Minimum of 32 hours training to include;

22 hours dual training ( includes 1 hour instrument appreciation).

10 hours solo

Same ground school exams as EASA PPL -Air Law, Principles of Flight, Meteorology, Navigation, Communication, Human Performance, Aircraft General, Flight Performance, Radiotelephony Practical

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