First steps to flying

In the UK there are many different types of recreational flying available. Whether it is in traditional light aircraft, microlights, gliders, helicopters, balloons or even gyrocopters, there are many options to choose from to suit a range of interests and budgets.

Learning to fly is often one of the most rewarding things you will ever undertake. It is also a serious commitment of both your time and money so it’s important to do your research and make informed decisions about your training.

Generally your training will include

Dual flying lessons with an instructor. Solo flying training. Ground training and exams in different subjects and a Flight test

You will need to be 16 years old to hold a licence for a glider or balloon. 17 years old to hold a licence for aeroplanes or helicopter or older.

Links below for helpful information like Flying magazines, Flying associations, clubs and schools. Online forums for pilots/flying and youtube accounts with great content.

Types of training we provide


Available for aeroplanes, the Private Pilot’s Licence is recognised worldwide and can be ‘built on’ with extra ratings and privileges.


Available for aeroplanes, the concept behind the LAPL was to create a simplified licence with a shorter training course and less onerous medical standards. With some extra training it can be upgraded to the PPL


The licence for microlight aircraft. Microlights generally come in two types, ‘flex wing’ and three-axis. ‘Flex wing’ are generally open cockpit and have a single wing which moves around a pivot to control the direction of travel. ‘Three-axis’ are much closer to traditional light aeroplanes but fall below the weight category to be considered one.


Perranporth Flying School has established a new introductory course which we have called the Flying Foundation Course.

This course takes the student up to the point of achieving their first solo flight and is designed to provide for those not wishing to commit from the outset to a full NPPL or PPL course.

Ground School

Ground School available

PPL & NPPL, IMC | IR(R) Training all available.

Group tuition £10 per head per hour

Individual tuition £30 per hour

Examinations £20

RT examination £50

IR(R) Simulator

We have a fully functional instrument training simulator. It is really useful for people on the IR(R) course and for people who want to brush up before a re-validation/renewal test.It can also be very good for refreshing your basic instrument flying skills. Every PPL did some instrument flying on their course but these skills quickly erode away. Why not come and knock some of the rust off?

£30 per hour

Buy your Pilot Starter Kit


PPL & NPPL, IMC | IR(R) Training all available at EGTP.

Instrument Training Simulator available.

External Useful links

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