Perranporth Flying School has established a new introductory course which we have called the Flying Foundation Course.

This course takes the student up to the point of achieving their first solo flight and is designed to provide for those not wishing to commit from the outset to a full NPPL or EASA PPL course.

The course comprises 12 hours dual instruction and the passing of the CAA Air Law examination. Students must hold either, a DVLA Group 2 (HGV) or EASA Class 2 medical, before they fly solo.

The Flying Foundation Course is suitable for;

Aspiring pilots who are uncertain whether they will take the NPPL or EASA PPL licence. The Flying Foundation Course hours count towards either licence. Friends and partners of qualified pilots who wish to acquire an understanding of aircraft operation to further their enjoyment when flying as a passenger. School leavers considering entry to the services or an airline career who wish to gain some flying experience and check their aptitude before applying

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